Accepting ADHD-Making It Work: Ari Tuckman March 2015-Audio

People with ADHD/ADD often have to work harder with less to show for their good efforts, making it easier to become discouraged. There are lots of great ADHD-friendly strategies that can help you be more effective and efficient. Learning these strategies is important, but only half the battle. The other half is less talked about, but just as important: accepting the struggles that remain even after treatment. Acceptance involves the idea of being OK with not being perfect, recognizing one’s strengths and positive contributions, and avoiding beating-up oneself after every slip. Strong self-esteem involves both valuing our good qualities, and also accepting those parts of ourselves that we wished were different.

In this March 2015 presentation by Ari Tuckman, PsyD, you will learn how to:

Feel OK about those parts of yourself that you wished were different
Make the most of your existing abilities, as well as strengthening your weaknesses
Identify the goals that are most important in your life, and work towards them

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