ADHD and Anger Management by Maddie Blomgren

Presented by Maddie Blomgren, LPC, NCC, CADMS, CGPS
Recorded April 2, 2012

Audio and Power Point presentation available below.

Maddie Blomgren focuses on her action-based approach to Anger Resolution. A nationally certified counselor and anger management specialist, Ms. Blomgren is founder of the Anger and Relationships Institute of New Jersey, past president of an ACLD and an authority in the field of anger management.

This Presentation Covers:

  • Anger – a working definition
  • Why Anger is a healthy emotion
  • Skills and emotional tools participants can use to change behaviors and manage emotions, including StopDrop&Roll:
    1. STOP what you usually do and do something different
    2. DROP your level of emotion. This is the most difficult part and the part where help may be needed
    3. ROLL with whatever behavior or technique is called for

Download the PowerPoint slides to accompany audio (below)

Download the PowerPoint slides to accompany audio (below)




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