How to Review Your Medicine Regime

Learn how to revisit your routine for medication, keep on track with taking medications, etc.

5 years ago

Why do College Students Misuse ADHD Medication?

New findings in why college students abuse ADHD medication.

6 years ago

Safe Stimulant Medication for Children with ADHD

Science News from research organizations Stimulant medication safe, effective for children with ADHD and congenital heart disease Date:October 5, 2015Source:Cincinnati…

6 years ago

e-Prescribing Controlled Substances Now Legal Nationwide

Prescribing controlled substances via the internet is now legal.

6 years ago

Psychopharmacologic Management of ADHD – Audio/Slides

Psychopharmacologic Management of ADHD audio and slide presentation at CHADD NYC.

8 years ago

How Good Are Generic Drugs?

Learning the truth about generic prescription drugs.

9 years ago

Demographic Variation in Parent-Reported Medication Rates

State-based demographic variation in medication rates in children with ADHD, 2007-2008 report.

9 years ago

Is It Illegal to Carry AD/HD Medications?

If ADHD medications are controlled substances, is it illegal to carry them?

9 years ago

Patient ADHD Medication Evaluation Chart To Bring to Your Doctor

Fill out form and bring to your doctor if you wish to change or adjust your medication regime.

9 years ago

Taking a Vacation from ADHD Medications

"Going off ADHD medication is not uncommon. How you approach the decision makes all the difference in your ADHD treatment."

9 years ago