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CHADD Year End Request

by addrc on December 12, 2014

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Please Remember CHADD – NY in your Year End Giving Plans.


CHADD of NYC will be ending this year with our lowest bank balance in ten years. Please include us in your year-end gift giving. CHADD is a 501(c)(3). Send your donations to CHADD of NYC, PO Box 133, New York, NY 10024-0133. THANKS!

Also, are you a CURRENT member of CHADD of NYC? Remember that when you join, you belong to and support both the National organization and our local chapter (we get a small percentage of your membership fees).

Many of you have voiced appreciation for our email news briefs. There is no charge for being on this e-list. Unfortunately, since we don’t require CHADD membership to be on our e-list (which includes a lot of terrific articles from The ADD Resource Center and other non-CHADD sources), some people are not renewing or joining CHADD.

Don’t forget that your CHADD membership entitles you to a wealth of information from CHADD National (, the printed magazine Attention!, discounts on local and national conferences, and no-charge attendance at our local meetings.

We have expenses that can only be met through your CHADD membership fees — and through your donations. (Note: CHADD of NYC only receives $10 of the $53 annual family/individual membership; slightly more for the $139 professional memberships and nothing for the $35 hardship/student members.) You can renew or join CHADD at or by phone. Remember to say that you are renewing/joining the New York City chapter (#107).

Consider giving someone you care about a holiday gift membership!

We volunteer for CHADD because it changes lives. Help us to continue to do this!

•    We continue to hold meetings, losing money on most. Fortunately, we’ve been able to attract some of the major names in our field, and 2014 will continue to bring you the best.
•    The literature we disseminate at meetings is expensive to reproduce and we don’t charge in order to make sure that everyone has equal access to needed information.
•    We periodically must pay for our meeting space.
•    Due to a lack of volunteers, we sometimes have to pay for help (although we do most of it ourselves, for no compensation).
•    We pay for our phone line. If you would like to volunteer to return messages left on our CHADDline (212-721-0007), please let us know by emailing
•    This year we invested in a projection screen and upgraded our cordless microphone so we can record some of our speakers (available on We are now saving for a laptop so speakers do not have to bring their own computer for PowerPoint presentations.

We also speak at and/or send information to various organizations, including schools, professional associations and community service groups. We need your help to continue to provide these needed services.

Our very best wishes for a healthy and happy holiday season.

Hal Meyer and the Volunteers of CHADD of New York City




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