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Exploring the cognitive nature of social interactions in children with ADHD. March 4th CHADD Meeting

by addrc on February 17, 2013

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CHADD of New York is proud to present:

ADHD and Theory of Mind: Exploring the

cognitive nature of social interactions in children with



Presented by Rachel Feigenbaum

Doctoral Student in Educational Psychology, School Psychology

The Graduate Center, CUNY

Monday, March 4, 2013


Social interactions can be tricky for children, and for children with ADHD it can be exceptionally challenging.  This challenge poses a critical question- “How do children with ADHD perceive social situations?”  Theory of Mind (ToM) is a promising area of research that may help answer this question.   ToM describes children’s ability to take the perspective of others and use inferences to interpret, explain, and predict others’ behaviors. In other words, ToM describes the ability to attribute mental states to themselves and others.


This lecture will explain social skills deficits experienced by children with ADHD and possible explanations for these difficulties. Next the lecture will highlight social skills interventions for children with ADHD. Finally, this lecture will explain how ToM is being used to explore the nature of social cognition in children with ADHD and how this research can facilitate the development of effective interventions aimed at improving the social skills in this population.


Please join us for an exciting evening where you will learn about and discuss the cognitive factors influencing social interactions of children with ADHD.


As a doctoral student, Rachel Feigenbaum has been studying ADHD and cognition for the past four years.   She has not only seen the frustrations of children with ADHD and their parents, but has also experienced them firsthand growing up as a child with ADHD. With her personal experience and research, Rachel strives to promote social, emotional, and psychological wellness in children and families affected by ADHD.


Target audience:  Adults, parents, professionals


Date & Time: Monday, March 4th, 2013   5:55PM (Doors close soon after) to 7:30PM


Where:  65 East 89th Street, Manhattan  (The Parish Office of St Thomas More, between Madison and Park Avenues)


Meetings are free, with a $10 donation requested. Please leave the kids at home.

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