Do You Feel Like Your Child’s Behavior is Your Fault?

Are you a martyr to save your kids from pain? Do you bail them out repeatedly? Is their behavior your fault? Problem solving is a better solution than the above. James Lehman explains the ineffective roles parents may fall into.

The Children Left Behind

Many children who have ADHD are not diagnosed, and many parents think their child is just going through a phase and thus do not seek help for their child. What actions can schools and parents do to help their ADHD children?

ADHD Statistics

Statistics about American ADHD children aged 5-17, 1998-2009. Some statistical information includes: key findings, percentage of ADHD children diagnosed between 1998-2009, ADHD prevalence varied by race, etc.

Child & Adolescent Screening Tests

A few different screening tests to help determine whether you think your child, or young adult, may have ADHD. (A screener in not a definitive test.)