ADD-Friendly Ways To Organize Your Life – Judith Kolberg

Judith Kolberg discusses powerful ADD-friendly strategies for organizing when interruptions and distractions endlessly distract people with ADHD from a train…

8 years ago

The Task Appointment

The Task-Appointment is an appointment with yourself to work on a specific task, at a designated date and time.

8 years ago

ADHD and Stressors: Quantity vs. Intensity

"We’d all like to improve the quality of our lives, and one way we can do this is by reducing…

8 years ago

Dating and Relationships

Join our group on ADHD and dating to learn tips or to share your own experiences about ADHD and dating/relationships.

9 years ago

Setting Target Goals for managing ADHD symptoms

Creating personalized goals is a great way to guide ADHD management and to successfully reach patients’ desired behaviors/outcomes. Although goals…

10 years ago

Office Messes by Lisa Belkin

A NYTimes Sunday Magazine article chronicling a few adults’ diagnosis and experiences with ADD in the workplace, while combating the…

10 years ago

ADD/ADHD & Anger

Chapter on controlling anger with ADHD.

13 years ago