Education Rights

Learn your Constitutional Rights for a good education in New York State.

10 years ago

Mistakes Improve Children’s Learning

How to help your student learn from their mistakes.

11 years ago

The Truth About Attention Deficit Disorder

A study assessing some truths about attention deficit disorder, mainly focusing on the individuals with very high IQs who also…

12 years ago

A Practical Guide for People with Disabilities who Want to go to College

You have disabilities and wish to go to college, but you don’t know too much about educational opportunities available after…

12 years ago

Caring for Children with ADHD: A Resource Toolkit for Clinicians

A comprehensive guide for diagnosing ADHD, various treatment methods, and information on support for parents of children with ADHD.

12 years ago

The Proper Purpose of Assessments in the IEP process

Testing a child should be much more than a score. It should also include an assessment of the child’s functioning…

12 years ago

The Children Left Behind

Many children who have ADHD are not diagnosed, and many parents think their child is just going through a phase…

12 years ago

TDAH: ¿Mi niño la tiene? – en Español/Spanish

¿Cuáles son las señas de la TDAH? TDAH es la abreviación de trastorno por déficit de atención e hiperactividad. Los…

13 years ago