Home-schooling Your Child with ADHD: A Personalized Approach.

In this article, we explore some strategies and tips to help you successfully home-school your 5th grader with ADHD.

5 days ago

Is your young child’s behavior simply age-appropriate, or could it be ADHD?

It's important to distinguish between typical age-appropriate behavior and potential signs of ADHD

1 week ago

Here are some of the best of Haim Ginott’s advice for parents:

Advice for parents when your child has ADHD

4 weeks ago

Taking back the role of being the parent from your child.

Reclaiming the parental role from a child involves re-establishing boundaries, roles, and responsibilities within the family dynamic.

1 month ago

How to Use Positive Affirmations to Uplift Your Child Every Day

This article will guide you through creating a positive home environment, offer practical tips for engaging in after-school conversations that…

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When Little Words Cause Big Problems: Handling Child Cursing

This article aims to arm you with strategies on how to stop your child with cussing by fostering respectful language…

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What Do You Now Do if You Threatened an Unreasonable Consequence for Your Child?

Threatening unreasonable consequences can significantly impact children's emotional well-being and their relationship with their parents. When parents use threats as…

5 months ago

Do Children With ADHD Lie More Than Children Without ADHD, And If So, Why?

Research suggests that children with ADHD may engage in lying behavior more frequently than their peers without ADHD.

11 months ago

I Love My Child, But I Hate Him When He Misbehaves. Could I Be a Bad Mother?

Motherhood is a complex and emotional journey. It is a rollercoaster of love, joy, frustration, and sometimes even anger. As…

11 months ago