ADHD: Controversy, Key Research Findings, Rising Prevalence, and Promise

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u84aRBcsl9A&feature=emb_logo This video is 1 hour and 5 minutes long. Dr. Stephen Hinshaw of The University of California, San Francisco…

1 week ago

What Works for ADHD? Here’s What Parents Say

What Works for ADHD? Here's What Parents Say

1 month ago

Spanish-Language Resources From NCCIH

Information on complementary and integrative health in Spanish.

1 month ago

25 Tips, Tricks, and Tools To Get Sleep with ADHD

With this guide you will be able to try top tips to regain control of your sleep health when you…

1 month ago

School-Based Intervention Strategies for Children with ADHD

ADHD can significantly affect children’s physical and emotional well-being, academic achievements, and interactions with others. Children with ADHD appear to…

2 months ago

Before You Go Online Again, Here Are Important Tips

Before you go online again, here are some important tips.

2 months ago

Can teens with ADHD tell when they are on medication?

Adolescents frequently stop taking medication, and by age 18, less than 10% continue to take it. This is problematic given…

3 months ago

NIMH Expert Dr Mary Rooney Discusses Managing ADHD

In recognition of ADHD Awareness Month in October, Mary Rooney, Ph.D., clinical psychologist and chief of the Child and Adolescent…

3 months ago

7 Signs Of ADHD In Adults

7 Signs Of ADHD In Adults, According To Doctors “They couldn't before put together that the things they were struggling…

4 months ago