Transform your relationships by better understanding how ADD influences your dynamics as a couple and by better understanding how to respond to one another.

How to Use the Eisenhower Matrix to Determine Prioritization

The Eisenhower Matrix is particularly beneficial for individuals with ADHD, who often struggle with prioritization and time management. By visualizing…

2 weeks ago

Is it Possible to Learn to Speak Faster and Without Pauses?

Is it possible to o learn to speak faster and without pauses when you have ADHD?

4 weeks ago

Empaths VS Narcissists

We delve into the characteristics and behaviors of empaths and narcissists, explore the dynamics of their relationships, and discuss the…

4 weeks ago

Why Is It So Hard for Some with ADHD To Let Go of a Discussion or Argument?

Individuals with ADHD often struggle with maintaining focus, controlling impulses, and regulating emotions. These challenges can significantly impact their ability…

2 months ago

How Do I Make Sure My Mate is Listening to Me and ADHD is Not Getting in The Way?

Individuals with ADHD often struggle with paying attention, staying focused, and controlling impulsive behaviors. These challenges can significantly impact communication…

2 months ago

Why Can’t My Parents Understand Me? Were they never young?

Many of us have experienced frustration and bewilderment when communicating with our parents. It often feels like an insurmountable barrier…

2 months ago

Craving Drama and Starting Arguments When You Have ADHD.

Many people with ADHD crave drama and arguments because their brains crave stimulation. When the ADHD brain doesn’t have enough…

3 months ago

Why do some people with ADHD come across as self-centered and self-indulgent when they might not be?

Contrary to popular belief, individuals with ADHD can be incredibly caring and giving. Their impulsivity and hyperactivity may manifest in…

3 months ago

How To Practice “Active Listening”

Active listening is a crucial skill that allows individuals to engage in conversations and fully understand the message. This can…

3 months ago

What They Love About Their ADHD Spouses

Inspiration for ADHD relationships.

5 months ago