Transform your relationships by better understanding how ADD influences your dynamics as a couple and by better understanding how to respond to one another.

When And How to Write a Thank You Letter or Email

Remember to always send a thank-you letter or email and know the appropriate timing and method to do so. Here…

23 hours ago

Understanding ADHD and Fear of Intimacy: Why We Push Loved Ones Away

Understanding the interplay between ADHD and fear of intimacy is essential, as this relationship dynamic is often overlooked. This fear…

2 weeks ago

How do you advocate for yourself without appearing pompous

How do you advocate for yourself without appearing pompous.

2 weeks ago

How do you effectively communicate to your partner that you are putting in a lot of effort without it reflecting on them?

How can you communicate to your partner that you are putting in a lot of effort and it's not a…

3 weeks ago

Tips and resources for understanding, encouraging, and empowering people of all ages on their ADHD journey.

If someone in your life has attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), here are some ways you can offer your support. 

1 month ago

Are People With ADHD More Likely To Lose Interest In Their Mate?

Are people with ADHD more likely to lose romantic interest eventually or have higher rates of relationship dissatisfaction compared to…

2 months ago

ADHD and Menopause: Understanding the Symptoms and Effective Management Strategies.

Managing ADHD symptoms becomes more challenging as you approach menopause. This hormonal shift, often a sign of hormone imbalance, intensifies…

3 months ago

The Ultimate Guide to How to Apologize When You Are Wrong

Recognizing why one needs to apologize and keeping it sincere and straightforward underscores the importance of addressing feelings of remorse…

4 months ago

Confronting the Fear of Being Judged: A Step-by-Step Approach

Learn effective strategies when you have ADHD to overcome fear of judgment, embrace self-compassion, and engage in personal growth for…

5 months ago

The Essential Skill: Learn How to Make Small Talk Effectively

The skill of engaging in small talk, especially when you have ADHD, effectively plays a crucial role in enhancing health…

5 months ago