Craving Drama and Starting Arguments When You Have ADHD.

Many people with ADHD crave drama and arguments because their brains crave stimulation. When the ADHD brain doesn’t have enough…

6 months ago

Why do some people with ADHD come across as self-centered and self-indulgent when they might not be?

Contrary to popular belief, individuals with ADHD can be incredibly caring and giving. Their impulsivity and hyperactivity may manifest in…

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How To Practice “Active Listening”

Active listening is a crucial skill that allows individuals to engage in conversations and fully understand the message. This can…

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What They Love About Their ADHD Spouses

Inspiration for ADHD relationships.

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Why Do Some People with ADHD Unconsciously Sabotage Their Relationships?

One of the key factors in understanding why some people with ADHD unconsciously sabotage a relationship is the difficulty they…

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How Many Dates Should You Wait Before Telling The Person You Have ADHD?

Here's when and how to tell someone you're dating about your ADHD diagnosis.

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When Emotions are High, How Can One Still Listen Objectively and Understand the Other Person?

When emotions are high, it can be tempting to focus solely on expressing our own thoughts and feelings. However, true…

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Understanding ADHD And Its Impact on Relationships

Understanding ADHD and its Impact on Relationships. What Causes Many People With ADHD to Sabotage Their Relationships?

11 months ago

What is the best way to talk to someone with problems listening because of ADHD?

When communicating with someone unable to listen because of their ADHD, there are a few strategies you can employ to…

12 months ago

The Importance of Solitude: Exploring Why Some with ADHD Need Time Alone

Individuals with ADHD who prefer solitude are often misunderstood, as they are frequently perceived as being antisocial or unfriendly. However,…

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