From Chaos to Clarity: Cultivating Intentional Thinking with ADHD

This essay explores the journey from this state of haphazard thinking to a more intentional, results-oriented approach, offering insights and…

2 days ago

Home-schooling Your Child with ADHD: A Personalized Approach.

In this article, we explore some strategies and tips to help you successfully home-school your 5th grader with ADHD.

5 days ago

Is your young child’s behavior simply age-appropriate, or could it be ADHD?

It's important to distinguish between typical age-appropriate behavior and potential signs of ADHD

1 week ago

COVID-19 and ADHD: The Pandemic’s Disproportionate Impact on ADHD

COVID-19 has specifically impacted individuals with ADHD across different age groups, shedding light on the exacerbated difficulties in managing ADHD…

2 weeks ago

Deprescribing Medication

Deprescribing is the process of systematically reducing or stopping medications that may no longer be beneficial or may be causing…

2 weeks ago

Here are some of the best of Haim Ginott’s advice for parents:

Advice for parents when your child has ADHD

4 weeks ago

Strategies to Improve Focus When You Have ADHD:

Strategies to Improve Focus When You Have ADHD

4 weeks ago

Is there a best time of day to be productive when you have ADHD?

When it comes to ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), productivity can vary significantly from person to person. However, some general…

1 month ago

Is it possible for a parent to limit a child’s screen time without causing drama?

Yes, it is possible for a parent to limit a child's screen time without drama, though it requires a thoughtful…

1 month ago

Taking back the role of being the parent from your child.

Reclaiming the parental role from a child involves re-establishing boundaries, roles, and responsibilities within the family dynamic.

1 month ago