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Behavioral Interventions for Parents

Often, the way you think about something is based on history and habit. The words you use can describe the same thing in either a positive or negative manner. When you choose your words, you also communicate an attitude.

Think carefully about how you interact with your children.  Rethink how you interpret a situation or comment. Praise whatever you honestly can, or your child will not believe/value your comments, nor grow from them. The following is a list of strategies that require structure and consistency when dealing with your children:

  • Teach the Skills of Anger Management
  • Strive for Order & Keep Things Calm
  • Have a Positive Attitude
  • Maintain a Close Watch
  • Work for Success
  • Be a Detective
  • Rules – Consequences – Rewards
  • The Home-School-Child Care Connection
  • Promote a Positive Attitude in Your Family

Get the rest of the details and how to make these changes in an eleven page ebook of tips for parents of children with ADD, ADHD and related disorders.  Including information on structure, order, consistency, anger management, how to talk to your child, and in general, working towards success for you child.

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Harold Meyer and Susan Lasky are both Board Certified and Senior Certified ADHD Coaches.

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Harold Robert Meyer MBA SCAC and Susan Karyn Lasky MA SCAC

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