ADD/ADHD and the Dysfunctional Family

A dysfunctional family does not cause ADHD, however, it does not help those within the family that have ADHD, and…

10 years ago

Nurturing Self-Esteem In Children

Better self-esteem in children leads to better self-growth.

10 years ago

School Check-In

Managing ADHD at School

10 years ago

Classroom and Education Management

For those with ADHD, certain management techniques at home and at school are needed to cope with their individual learning…

10 years ago

Bullying and Teasing

Those with ADHD may pick on or be picked on by others.

12 years ago

Personal Boundaries

Learn to respect yourself and friends/family by creating appropriate boundaries between yourself and others in order to maintain healthy relationships.

12 years ago

What Should You Consider Success in School?

Many ADHD students are very intelligent, but their grades may not convey how smart they truly are. Thus, how can…

12 years ago

ADD/ADHD & Anger

Chapter on controlling anger with ADHD.

15 years ago