School Issues

School Check Up

If you have not done so lately, it is time to make another appointment with your child’s school to check…

7 years ago

How to Advocate in the Educational System

Suggestions for communicating with your child’s teachers and school administrators to ensure that your child gets the most out of…

7 years ago

Guide to Quality IEP Development and Implementation

Through this guide the Individualized Education Program (IEP) is defined, and thoroughly explains how the IEP is developed and implemented…

7 years ago

Tests and Measurements for the Parent, Teacher, Advocate, Attorney

by Peter W. D. Wright, Esq. and Pamela Darr Wright, M.A., M.S.W. "If something exists, it exists in some amount.…

7 years ago

Do 504 Plans Help Students with ADHD?

Information on the 504 Plans based on parents, professionals, and educators feedback.

8 years ago

Education Rights

Learn your Constitutional Rights for a good education in New York State.

9 years ago

School Check-In

Managing ADHD at School

9 years ago

How to Have Better Teacher Meetings

Four steps in improving discussions with your child’s teacher about his or her ADHD disorder and progress in school.

11 years ago

What Should You Consider Success in School?

Many ADHD students are very intelligent, but their grades may not convey how smart they truly are. Thus, how can…

11 years ago

ADHD Executive Function And School Success

It has been discovered that the executive functioning (EF)—also known as critical cognitive skills—deficits of students with ADHD causes them…

11 years ago