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5 Productivity Rituals Worth Trying Out

Start off by making your bed upon arising.

1.At the start of each day, fast-forward to the end of the day in your head and then ask yourself: by the time the day is done, what three main things will you want to have accomplished? This helps you identify whats actually important and consequential each day.

2.The weekly review. At the beginning of each week, look at the week ahead and set yourself up to get stuff done. Schedule blocks of time where you can hunker down on larger projects, and set reminders for what you will have to accomplish. (Make sure to schedule *timed* breaks approximately every 35 minutes,)

3.The daily review. A simple way to start your day. At the start of each day, before settling into work, review the tasks you plan to get done, and review your calendar for the day, too.

4.An accountability ritual. At the start of the week, send an accountability partner what you plan to accomplish by the end of the weekand, when the week is done, follow up with them to let them know how things went.

5.Keep an accomplishments list. We tend to focus quite a bit on whats on our to-do list, forgetting all of the things weve accomplished. To combat this tendency, keep a running accomplishments list as you go about your weekand when the week is done, celebrate what youve gotten done!


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