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ADHD and Sexuality (AUDIO) Sari Cooper, LCSW

In this audio presentation by: Sari Cooper, LCSW, you will learn how to:

`Identify the most common sexual dysfunctions associated with having ADHD
`Examine the misunderstandings and rifts between partners that are created through ADHD symptoms
`Steps individuals can take to improve their sexual and romantic relationship

What challenges does a partner with ADHD confront in long-term relationships? How can eroticism be enhanced or decreased when attention is flowing yet unfocused? Partners or spouses of people with ADHD can over time take the common behaviors associated with the diagnosis personally leading to hurt, misunderstanding and avoidance of sex.

Without an understanding of how to manage the symptoms, people with ADHD may fall into common habits that shut out their partner/spouse. If folks can harness their natural strengths and engage their partner in novelty, fun and excitement, partners can reframe the ADHD as an enhancer of sexuality rather than a detriment.

Sari Cooper is an LCSW, as well as an AASECT-Certified Sex Therapist who has been helping straight and gay individuals and couples overcome their emotional, psychological and sexual issues for more than 20 years in her NYC private practice. Sari sees clients who are struggling with a variety of issues including: Infidelity, Depression, Erectile Dysfunction, Open Relationships, Compulsive Sexual Behavior, Sexual Abuse, Pain Disorders and Desire Disorders. She is a sought after national expert on relationships and sexuality. She supervises other therapists interested in gaining their Certification in Sex Therapy, as well as those who need general help with sexual issues in their cases.


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