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What Medication Can… And Can’t Do

Written by Harold Robert Meyer, MBA, BCC, SCAC and Susan Karyn Lasky, M.S., BCC, SCAC

Deciding whether or not to take medication for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD) is never easy. Complicating this decision are erroneous expectations as to the potential benefits of stimulant medication. Even when medication does work, it is still not a cure all.

Here are the facts:

What Medicines Can Do What Medicines Can’t Do
Decrease Activity Level
  • Remain seated longer
  • Reduce fidgeting
Teach Good Behavior
  • Remove old behaviors and patterns
  • Teach reflective thinking
Increase Ability to Sustain Focus
  • Work with greater accuracy
  • Improve ability to maintain attention
  • Increase ability to listen to others
  • Less distractibility
  • Improve ability to learn (more available)
  • More capable of enduring boredom
Teach Skills
  • Teach old school work
  • Teach social skills
  • Teach what to focus on
  • Teach what is important
Decrease Impulsivity
  • Follow rules better
  • More likely to think before acting
Motivate for Action
  • Make them try new skills
  • Do things they’d rather avoid
Decrease Reactivity
  • Reduce aggression
  • Less emotional lability (moodiness)
Teach How to Deal with Feelings
  • Know how to control anger
  • Be able to cope with frustration
  • Feel automatically happy

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Harold Meyer and Susan Lasky are both Board Certified and Senior Certified ADHD Coaches.

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