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ADDing in the Love

Presented by Kate Kelly

When ADD is a third party in your love life, it can create chaos. Often, in the day to day struggle to manage life with ADD, the love that brought a couple together gets buried under the messes and piles, not to mention all those fires that continually need putting out. This presentation will focus on ways to heal intimate relationships by putting the love at the top of the list.

One of the most important ingredients for a successful ADD relationship is for both people to embrace the fact that they have it, even if only one of them has the diagnosis. Nobody asked to have this challenge and everyone is affected by it. Developing compassion for each other is the key that can unlock the potential in your partnership.

Some of the strategies to be covered are

  1. Systems for remembering to take time for love,
  2. Using the power of visualization to reconnect with that person you fell in love with,
  3. Ways to break old unhealthy patterns,
  4. Putting on the brakes through meditation, and
  5. Finding ways to forgive

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