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ADHD and High Functioning w/Jesse Wagenberg – Audio File

The twice exceptional individual intellectually
gifted, with ADHD continues to be an enigma, even
within the field of ADHD. Because they successfully
compensate for their hidden difficulties at great
emotional cost their issues rarely come to the fore.
These children have come to internalize a self-image
revolving around astounding potential confounded by an
in ability to realize it. That undermining discrepancy
is psychically devastating for a teen to understand,
accept or own. The conflictual sense of self inherent
in this discrepancy is creates an intensity of shame
specific to the twice-exceptional individual; indeed,
they are unable to accept responsibility for perceived
failures they cannot comprehend. In addition,
significant delays in emotional growth thwart
development of the ability for introspection necessary
to accurately interpret or report their inner

This demoralizing conundrum gradually manifests in
their distorted assumption that everyone holds them
responsible for that discrepancy, and that they
disappoint others even more than they disappoint
themselves. To deny being the perpetrators of their own
despair, they defend themselves by forcing their words
into the mouths of others. Unfortunately, projecting
their self-loathing does not free them from self-
condemnation. The alleged crime of their families and
other members of the support network is reflecting back
the teens distorted recriminations. Nonetheless, these
feelings result in strained resentments and isolation
fueled by misunderstanding.


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