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Where Do YOU Do Your Best Work?

Informal Time-Limited Survey: Where Do YOU Do Your Best Work? Often, people with ADD/ADHD find they don't do their best work in their…

5 years ago


Inspirational quotes.

6 years ago

Is It an Initiation or “Getting Started” Problem?

Learn how to help your child start and finish tasks, while also learning the root cause of their distractability.

7 years ago

A Note For Doctors

Service offerings through coaching.

7 years ago

ADHD Primer by CDC

CDC ADHD Primer to help you diagnose, treat and research ADHD.

7 years ago

Teens, ADHD, and Risky Behavior

When teens with ADHD take reckless risks, their parents are understandably upset. But grounding the teen or yanking his driver’s…

8 years ago


Ethics for ADHD coaches provided by the Center for Credentialing & Education, Inc.

9 years ago

Adventures in Dysfunction: The ADHD Brain

A look at scientific information about the ADHD brain.

9 years ago

The ADHD Effect on Marriage by Melissa Orlov

ADHD and its effect on marriage, as well as the 12 distinct symptoms of ADHD affecting your marriage.

9 years ago

Personal Boundaries

Learn to respect yourself and friends/family by creating appropriate boundaries between yourself and others in order to maintain healthy relationships.

9 years ago