COVID-19 pandemic: Helping young children and parents transition back to school (English/Spanish)

Transitioning back to early childhood programs or school— or starting them for the first time—can create extra challenges during a…

1 year ago

Anxiety and Depression in Children: Get the facts

Many children have fears and worries and may feel sad and hopeless from time to time. Strong fears may appear…

4 years ago

Inappropriate Behaviors? Maybe Not. The Paradox of Coping Strategies

Sometimes those with ADHD seem to conducting in inappropriate behavior, however, in some cases this behavior is just a coping…

5 years ago

How to Select a Professional to Work with You and/or Your Child

Choosing a professional or other specialists to help counsel, diagnose or treat you or your child with ADHD can be…

6 years ago

Letter to Mom and Dad

A list of "do’s" and" don’ts" for parents.

6 years ago

Would Your Child Benefit from a Clinical Trial?

  You may have heard of clinical trials, and your doctor may even have suggested your child enroll in one. Clinical…

6 years ago

Online Anger Management Resources

VA Mental Health Services Anger is an emotion that everyone feels. It can range from mild irritation to rage. Different people…

6 years ago

Parenting Tips and Resources from the NIH

Links to parenting tips and resources from the NIH.

6 years ago

Dr. Norma Doft’s: “Parenting Skills” Program

Norma Doft teaches a "Parenting Skills" course for parents of children with ADHD or any other learning disability.

6 years ago

Connect with Your Children this Summer


6 years ago