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Take Control of Your Systems

Take Control of Your Time, Paper, Environment and Systems!

Work with The ADD Resource Center’s dedicated professionals, who are trained and experienced in providing ideas, information, products, structure, assistance and systems to help people get organized. Our solutions will help you increase productivity and reduce stress.   Let us help you gain control over your time, papers, space, systems and ‘stuff.’   Re-energize your life!

At Home:

  • Bring Order, Calm and Control to Your Home and Family Life
  • Save Space and Time with a Place for Everything – Eliminate Clutter
  • Save Money – Organize Your Finances, Know What You Already Own
  • Get More Done In Less Time

At Work:

  • Bring Structure, Logic and Control to Your Organization, at Any Level
  • Improve Filing Systems: Know What You Have and Find It Quickly (in 6 seconds or less), Including Critical Documents
  • Optimize Workflow, Standardize and Document Systems to Reduce Stress and Increase Productivity & Profitability

About the author:

Susan Lasky is a professional organizer and productivity/ADHD coach

Susan Karyn Lasky MA SCAC

Published by
Susan Karyn Lasky MA SCAC

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