Choosing a camp for your child at the last minute can be challenging but not impossible. Here are some tips:

  • Try using online databases that allow you to search for camps by location, cost, and activities. One Examples:,, and
  • Ask someone who works with kids, such as teachers, coaches, or counselors, for recommendations. They may know of some hidden gems or have personal experience with certain camps. Check with other parents who may have found camps for their children.
  • Look into hospitals, colleges, and other local organizations that may offer summer programs for kids. They may have openings or waiting lists that you can join.
  • Look into summer jobs or volunteering options for older kids who may not be interested in traditional camps. They can gain valuable skills and experience while having fun.
  • Choose a camp type that suits your child’s interests and personality. There are thousands of day and overnight camps in the U.S., ranging from computers to acting to hockey to cabin camping. You can use the ACA website to find accredited camps that meet high standards of health, safety, and quality.
  • Talk with camp directors before making any decisions. Good camps expect to hear from you and answer your questions. You can ask about their COVID-19 protocols, staff qualifications, camper-to-counselor ratio, daily schedule, and more.
  • Talk with your child and involve them in the selection process. Make sure they are ready and eager for camp, and have a clear understanding of what it’s like. If they are nervous about going away from home, start with a day camp or a shorter session.
  • Check with your pediatrician to make sure your child is up-to-date on vaccines and has no medical issues that may prevent them from attending camp. Your pediatrician can also help you choose a camp that suits your child’s needs.

I hope this helps you find a great camp for your child!


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