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Collateral Damage of ADHD/ADD

Minimizing the “Collateral Damage” of Adult ADHD/ADD:
How to Stop ADD From Destroying Relationships & Career

Presented by George Sachs PsyD, Gestalt Psychologist

Many of us have come to the diagnosis of Adult ADHD late in life, leaving behind a trail of destruction that negatively impacted relationships and career.  I call this “Collateral Damage.”  My discussion will focus on the “collateral damage” of ADHD; specifically looking at how our symptoms of ADHD lead to serious problems in our lives.  We will go beyond the common traits of ADHD, like tardiness, procrastination, disorganization, etc. to look at the deeper damage these symptoms cause to us and our loved ones.

For example:

  • What is the long-term impact of poor “follow though” on relationships? This goes way beyond simply forgetting to take out the trash or misplacing an important memo. Can people really trust you? What is the impact of not being trusted for much of your adult life? On you and your relationships?
  • How does your distractibility and inattention leave others feeling rejected or devalued?  Do they begin to ignore you or reject you?
  • What happens to someone who grows up underachieving due to ADD? Do they feel like a grown adult? What kind of partner do they choose and what kind of career do they pick?

We will address these questions and more, and learn how to accept the damage we caused and move on with empathy, and self-knowledge.  Dr. George Sachs will focus on developing “awareness” as the key to reducing the collateral damage caused by ADD.

George Sachs PsyD, is a clinical psychologist and owner of the Sachs Center of New York City for ADD/ ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorders across the lifespan. The Sachs Center provides a holistic approach to treatment, offering  therapy, medication, nutritional and organizational coaching. Dr. Sachs also consults to Julliard, providing psychological counseling to their students. Dr. Sachs is the author of “Helping The Traumatized Child” and the forthcoming book: “Help! My Husband has ADD.” Dr. Sachs is also a contributor to the Huffington Post.



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