Helping Teens with ADHD Develop Friendships

Tips for helping your child with ADHD make new friends.

7 years ago

20 Things to Remember If You Love a Person with ADD/ADHD

If you're in an ADHD relationship, you know it can be frustrating, thus making it necessary to understand ADHD in…

9 years ago

Resilience, Motivation, & Family Relationships – Dr. Robert Brooks

Learn how to make your family and child more resilient to adversity.

9 years ago

Classroom and Education Management

For those with ADHD, certain management techniques at home and at school are needed to cope with their individual learning…

10 years ago

When Your Partner Has ADHD

When your partner has ADHD, it is difficult to not get frustrated, disappointed or angry with them. Luckily, there is…

11 years ago

Dating and Relationships

Join our group on ADHD and dating to learn tips or to share your own experiences about ADHD and dating/relationships.

11 years ago

What to Do When You’ve Made Someone Angry

Tips on how to remedy anger you have provoked.

11 years ago

Collateral Damage of ADHD/ADD

Audio presentation by Dr. George Sachs on "Minimizing the “Collateral Damage” of Adult ADHD/ADD: How to Stop ADD From Destroying…

11 years ago

ADHD Dating Tips

Links to dating advice for those in an ADHD relationship.

11 years ago

Relationships, Dating and Socialization Skills

Does your ADHD get in the way of real intimacy—or even a second date? Do you feel isolated and distanced?…

11 years ago