If you have ADHD or think you might:
The A.D.D. Resource Center can help!

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Changed how he’s looking at ADHD

I have seen more change in my son in the last month than I have in the past year!!! Hal’s way of talking about and accepting ADHD has really changed the way that he is looking at it now! He is beginning to gain a self-confidence that I have never seen in him!!!!!


Compassion, understanding and knowledge

Harold brings compassion, understanding and extensive knowledge to the table when it comes to helping those with ADHD live happier, fuller lives.

Mark Bertin, M.D.

Extremely patient and helpful

Hal was extremely patient and helpful, especially when I could have given in most easily. He has a manner that is naturally supportive and encouraging. That’s a tough combination to find.

Thomas Newburg

Deep Insight

Harold has helped me to gain deep insight into my persona and also helped me to untangle (and understand) complex relationships with my ADHD daughter. His ability to listen, REALLY listen, and identify complex behaviors is exceptional.

Patricia Abbott

Invaluable info

Harold Meyer’s contribution to disseminating ADHD information is invaluable.

Ose Schwab

I appreciate that you created a section on your website all about special needs and people with disabilities.


I read everything

Your work, your programs, this website are extraordinary.
To say helpful is something of an understatement. I read everything.
All l can say more is a huge, heartfelt THANK YOU.


He gets what’s going on

Hal is the only person I have in my life that *really* gets what’s going on with me and is giving me correct guidance, I’m really really really happy to have met you and be working with you, I feel very lucky (honestly).


Successfully Managing ADHD

Through a combination of therapy, medication and help from your group our son is now successfully managing his ADD well. A sophomore at an Ivy League University, he is pursuing, not surprisingly, a major in psychology.


Extremely forthcoming and generous with knowledge

When I recently turned to Hal Meyer (who does not know me), for advice regarding my now college-age child, he was extremely forthcoming and generous with his knowledge, wisdom and counsel.


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