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The ADD Resource Center offers parents, children and adults consultation, educational and coaching services, career and business counseling, study and organizational skills training, behavior management, advocacy and case management (helping coordinate appropriate treatment— psychopharmacological, therapeutic, remedial and educational), plus periodic seminars and small-group classes for children, adolescents, parents/caregivers, adults and spouses/partners.

These programs enable success by increasing awareness and acceptance of the individual’s strengths and difficulties while providing needed practical skills, attitude shifts and compensatory strategies.

The Educational and Corporate Services Division provides training workshops for schools, institutions and corporations, on how to recognize and understand AD/HD and related disorders; the most effective ways to reach and teach students with ADHD; how to maximize workplace performance and job satisfaction, implement appropriate accommodations and deal with the issues of legal compliance and medical coverage.

Customized programs include testing, intervention, management training and employee skill-building services. The International Division matches visiting families from other countries with U.S. service providers, arranging an intensive schedule that can include diagnostic evaluation, psycho-educational testing, medical/pharmaceutical consultations and sessions with appropriate treatment and intervention professionals. The Center also provides referrals and speakers for foreign AD/HD Conferences and written materials for international publication.

All face to face visits are by appointment and in Manhattan. International and National phone coaching/consultations are also offered.

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