Why Select The A.D.D. Resource Center Coaches?

Coaching Is Practical, Immediately Applicable & Results-Oriented

Our A.D.D. Resource Center (ADDRC) Coaches work with high-functioning adults to remediate those issues that negatively impact their daily lives, and explore ways to attain greater satisfaction, self-actualization and joy.

Why Select The A.D.D. Resource Center Coaches?

We have been at the forefront of the movement to educate the public and professionals about ADD/ADHD. We recognized this wasn’t just a childhood issue, when the very existence of adult ADD was still in debate. We were pioneers in the early ADDult coaching movement, specializing in the unique challenges of adults with this disorder. We’ve continued to help inform and demystify, support and advocate. We have utilized the most effective coaching strategies and developed new techniques. The A.D.D. Resource Center has a proven track record of helping our clients succeed.

To speak with an ADDRC coach, call 646-205-8080 or use our contact form here. It goes straight to Hal Meyers’ desk!

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Our Origins

Harold ‘Hal’ Meyer, MBA, SCAC and Susan Karyn Lasky, MA, SCAC opened The A.D.D. Resource Center in 1993. The Resource Center was a natural outgrowth of work they had begun in 1989, as the founders and co-chairs of the New York City chapter of CHADD (Children & Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder), the national volunteer-based organization. The solutions-focused Resource Center was designed to meet the growing need for individualized education, advocacy and specific skills training.

Our Programs

Our Programs emphasize real-world skills, fusing our extensive business experience (as corporate execs, consultants and entrepreneurs) with our personal and professional understanding of AD/HD. The Center’s Instructors, Coaches and Consultants are carefully selected for their expertise, compassion, experience and communications skills.

Let us help you with:

  • Adult, Adolescent & Family Coaching
  • Parenting Classes & Support Groups
  • Time, Project & Paper Management
  • On-Site Organization
  • Career Development & Managerial Skills
  • Socialization Skills Training
  • Study & Organizational Skills
  • Case Management
  • Programs for Corporations & Educators
  • & More!

Our Mission

  • To provide adults, adolescents, children and families with results-oriented, practical help and guidance.
  • To promote personal awareness and understanding of the myriad challenges of AD/HD and related disorders.
  • To develop and teach systems, strategies, tools and techniques for mastering these challenges, and achieving one’s unique potential.

IMPORTANT: The benefits of Coaching are usually immediate and measurable, beginning with the first session. It does, however, take time to develop and own new habits and ways of thinking. It is important to realize that Coaching is not a substitute for appropriate medical treatment; nor is it a replacement for psychotherapy. In fact, the majority of our Coaching clients are referred by their doctors or therapists.

Coaching is an Investment in Yourself

Coaching is considered educational in nature, and is not usually covered by medical insurance. Check with your accountant if you qualify to take Coaching as either a medical or professional deduction on your income tax. Some employers will support Coaching as professional education. The big payback is a better quality of life, and often a larger paycheck and more satisfying relationships, plus increased energy, free time and greater self-respect.

Transform your life now!

To speak with an ADDRC coach, call 646-205-8080 or use our contact form here. It goes straight to Hal Meyer’s desk!


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