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Mary Fowler | Speaking With Your Child’s Educators.

How to stop going in circles and actually get somewhere with your child’s educators.


With the school year’s end fast approaching, you may be
hoping: “Please next year be the positive difference.”

Parent-school communication can often go round and round an
issue without ever getting to the core or the solution.

What information do you need from your child’s teachers? How
can you focus on your child’s performance and shift
conferences away from “your child’s behavior?” How can you
suggest positive interventions and support without seeming
like you are asking for too much. How do you get a working
plan in place so you don’t spend next fall in “Let’s wait
and see.”

Presented by: Mary Fowler
Mary Fowler’s teachings and writings touch hearts, broaden
minds, and help educators and parents turn knowledge into
know-what and know-how.

Author, advocate, educator and coach, Mary’s expertise has
been recognized and widely used by federal government, state
and national associations, local school districts, and
international organizations.

Her books on ADHD have been praised by parents, teachers,
peers and the press. Thirteen years as a classroom teacher
have given Mary an authentic understanding of the real life
challenges educators and parents face every day.



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