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by addrc on August 12, 2014

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The A.D.D. Resource Center, Inc.

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For many people with AD/HD, the desire and ability is there to do great things, but they often find it difficult to channel their ideas in productive and socially correct ways, or to stay with a concept until fruition. Common challenges, such as time management, organization, goal setting and prioritization are often issues that medication or therapy do not address, whereas the focus of AD/HD coaching is on building skills and taking action. Good coaching definitely helps people to improve their business focus, interpersonal skills and ability to get things done in such a way as to lead a more productive, fulfilling and rewarding life.

              – Edward Hallowell, M.D.

Since 1991, The ADD Resource Center has partnered with doctors and therapists to help patients with ADHD and other neurobiological disorders succeed in all aspects of their life; at home, at work and at school, with our proven and practical coaching support.

The benefits of coaching are usually immediate, beginning with the first session. The process is highly pragmatic and usually short term. We provide the tools, training and techniques that enable your patients to learn strategies to help them overcome brain-based differences.  They become better able to manage executive functions (plan, prioritize and act), time and projects, social skills and organizational challenges.

Our focus is on helping our clients develop do-able solutions.  We provide practical tools, techniques, education and advocacy.  Progress continues long after coaching ends.

Our coaches are both Board Certified Coaches and Senior Certified ADHD Coaches.  We help clients with their specific needs, including: Career/Executive/Corporate/Business/Leadership Coaching and Personal/Life Coaching.

Each of our highly trained coaches possess a minimum of 20 years of experience helping people with ADHD achieve their goals and lead a more productive, organized, stress and clutter-free life. We work with adults and adolescents, in an individual, family or work setting.  We also offer a group Parenting Program designed to coach parents of 3-11 year-olds to deal with the challenges while maximizing strengths and family unity.

While most of our coaching is done face to face, under certain circumstances it can be done over the phone or via Skype.

Fees are reasonable, though not usually covered by insurance. Certain coaching may be eligible as either a professional deduction or a medical deduction to those who qualify.

We have offices in Manhattan (Upper West Side) and West Chester. Our hours begin early and extend to after the workday.  We are closed on weekends during the summer and fall, although exceptions can be made in special circumstances (including assisting clients improve office productivity during non-working hours).

Our website ( provides further information and includes more than 100 articles and videos on ADHD, plus screeners for children, adolescence and adults.  If time permits, please log on to today. While there, feel free to join our mailing list.

We very much would like to work with you and your clients, and will be more than happy to provide additional brochures and business cards should you be able to utilize them.

I welcome your phone call at 646/205.8080 extension 2, should you have any additional questions or wish to discuss the many other services we offer for people with ADHD and those who care for them.



Harold R. Meyer, MBA, SCAC, BCC
Executive Director and Senior Coach
The A.D.D. Resource Center Inc.


Written by: Harold Robert Meyer, MBA, BCC, SCAC

Harold Meyer is both a Board Certified and a Senior Certified ADHD Coach.

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ADD and ADHD are used interchangeably for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.

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