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Understanding ADHD and Fear of Intimacy: Why We Push Loved Ones Away

Understanding the interplay between ADHD and fear of intimacy is essential, as this relationship dynamic is often overlooked. This fear pertains to romantic relationships and extends to friendships and family connections, affecting the depth of these bonds. Recognizing the impact of ADHD on these crucial aspects of life underscores the importance of addressing the unique challenges it presents.

This article will delve into the correlation between ADHD and fear of intimacy, shedding light on why individuals with ADHD might struggle with or push loved ones away. It will explore the impact of ADHD on both emotional and physical intimacy, providing insights into the underlying causes and effects of these challenges in relationships. Additionally, strategies to foster intimacy in ADHD relationships will be discussed, offering practical advice for those aiming to strengthen their connections.

COVID-19 and ADHD: The Pandemic’s Disproportionate Impact on ADHD

COVID-19 has specifically impacted individuals with ADHD across different age groups, shedding light on the exacerbated difficulties in managing ADHD symptoms, executive functioning, and the additional struggle with depression and anxiety. By examining case studies, this piece will delineate how COVID-19 and ADHD have intersected in terms of their effects on daily living, work, and academic performance.

Deprescribing Medication

Deprescribing is the process of systematically reducing or stopping medications that may no longer be beneficial or may be causing harm. The goal is for your doctor to manage polypharmacy and improve outcomes. It involves a doctor evaluating each medication a person is taking, considering their current health status, and determining if the benefits of the medication outweigh the risks. This can only be done by your healthcare provider.

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