Here Are a Few Reasons Why I Suggest That Talking Out Loud to Oneself Can Help When Feeling Down or Depressed:

  • It gets emotions out in the open. Expressing feelings verbally can help release pent-up emotions and relieve sadness or anxiety rather than keeping it all bottled up inside. Individuals with ADHD often experience a higher level of relevance to this statement.
  • It helps gain perspective. Saying feelings out loud can help you gain a new viewpoint on a situation and give you more clarity. Speaking your thoughts can make them feel more tangible.
  • It activates solutions. Speaking aloud often leads to a back-and-forth conversation with oneself, allowing you to reason through problems and find solutions. The different perspectives accessed through talking can reveal new insights.
  • It provides comfort. The voice can have a reassuring quality and be comforting during difficult times. Self-talk mimics social interaction, making people feel less lonely when depressed or down.
  • It boosts motivation. Verbal encouragement, expressing positive affirmations, and talking through steps to accomplish tasks out loud can all help boost motivation and self-confidence.
  • It refocuses the mind. Talking aloud can interrupt repetitive negative thoughts and ruminating by refocusing the mind in a more constructive direction.

So in many ways, talking out loud sparks positive cognitive and emotional shifts that are beneficial when working through low moods or depressive feelings. The act of speaking sparks both inner reflection and outer-directed solutions.

****Harold R. Meyer 9/21/2023

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