It’s Time to Review Your Medicine Regime

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Optimizing Your Medications Harold Robert Meyer 10/3/2023

First and foremost, review all your medications with your doctor. Make a list of everything you take, including over-the-counter meds, supplements, and doses. Share any side effects. Your doctor can ensure medications are still needed and beneficial.

Check Expiration Dates

Check expiration dates on all medicines. Properly dispose of expired meds at a pharmacy or police station drop box. Don’t flush expired meds or throw them in the trash.

Understand Proper Usage

Read up on medications to ensure you’re taking them correctly to maximize benefits. For instance, some work better at certain times of the day or on an empty or full stomach.

Read Cautions Carefully

Re-read precautions, warnings, and potential side effects. These can change over time. Stay informed.

Price Shop

Compare prices at different pharmacies. Also, look into reputable mail-order options that may offer savings.

Seek Out Discounts

Ask your pharmacy about discount cards such as GoodRX and SingleCare, or coupons. Check out Mark Cuban’s CostPlus Drugs. Many drug companies offer financial assistance programs.

Consider Larger Quantities

See if your insurance covers 90-day supplies to save time and money.


By optimizing your medications, you can improve your health and save money. Stay engaged with your treatment plan.


Harold Robert Meyer 10/3/2023

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