Online Anger Management Resources

VA Mental Health Services

Anger is an emotion that everyone feels. It can range from mild irritation to rage. Different people experience different triggers. The most common triggers are stress, frustration, disappointment and annoyance.

Everyone gets angry, but it becomes a problem when it happens too often and negatively affect daily life. To help those looking to manage their anger the Department of Veterans Affairs developed Anger & Irritability Management Skills (AIMS).

AIMS was specifically created to help with understanding personal anger triggers. It teaches skills for effective conflict resolution and communication. It allows users to develop their own personalized anger management plan. The plan then can then be.

While AIMS is especially useful for those with a military background, it is free, confidential and available to everyone. There is no login required and users are free to go at their own pace.

AIMS is part of the Veterans Online Self-Help Resource Center. The Resource Center also features Moving Forward and Parenting for Servicemembers and Veterans. These resources teach ways to solve problems and help parents reconnect with their children.


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