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Behavioral Interventions for Parents

October 5, 2017

A glimpse at an eleven-paged ebook providing tips on how parents of children with ADD/ADHD can interact with, and interpret their children in a positive manner.

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Fathers and Sons with AD/HD

June 13, 2017

Most fathers envision themselves as a supportive parent, but how can a father be a good parent if he has AD/HD himself? and so does his offspring? Behaviors that often bother us most are the negative traits we see in ourselves, but through various coaching strategies, dads can effectively manage their own battles with AD/HD, as well as parenting their attention-deficit child in a loving manner.

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Online Anger Management Resources

March 21, 2017

VA Mental Health Services Anger is an emotion that everyone feels. It can range from mild irritation to rage. Different people experience different triggers. The most common triggers are stress, frustration, disappointment and annoyance. Everyone gets angry, but it becomes a problem when it happens too often and negatively affect daily life. To help those looking to manage…

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Resilience, Motivation, & Family Relationships – Dr. Robert Brooks

April 14, 2015

Learn how to make your family and child more resilient to adversity.

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ADD/ADHD and the Dysfunctional Family

June 16, 2014

A dysfunctional family does not cause ADHD, however, it does not help those within the family that have ADHD, and those with ADHD can cause dysfunction in a family.

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Nurturing Self-Esteem In Children

May 4, 2014

Better self-esteem in children leads to better self-growth.

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The ADHD Effect on Marriage by Melissa Orlov

November 6, 2012

Audio presentation by Melissa Orlov: ADHD couples pick exactly the wrong approaches to solving their marital problems that would make sense for most couples, but not when one or both partners has ADHD.

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A Parent’s Guide to Surviving the Teen Years

September 21, 2012

The teen years are often the most difficult years for parents to manage their children. Although it may be a period of conflict between parent and child, the teen years are the most important years for young adults to develop into the distinct individuals they will become. Learn what to expect and prepare for, how to react and cope, and how to deal.

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The ADHD Effect on Marriage by Melissa Orlov

September 20, 2012

ADHD and its effect on marriage, as well as the 12 distinct symptoms of ADHD affecting your marriage.

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Will My Child Be Messed Up Forever?

August 3, 2012

Many parents are discouraged by their child’s bad behavior, but children do change due to their ability to learn problem solving skills. Yet, children cannot do it alone. Parents also have to learn new skills to make changes in their child’s behavior.

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