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Tips to Get Up and Out of Bed – On Time!

September 22, 2017

A number of tips to help you get out of bed on time, from preparation before bed to snoozing habits!

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Take Control of Your Systems

July 20, 2017

Bring order and structure to organize your life at home and at the office.

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Fathers and Sons with AD/HD

June 13, 2017

Most fathers envision themselves as a supportive parent, but how can a father be a good parent if he has AD/HD himself? and so does his offspring? Behaviors that often bother us most are the negative traits we see in ourselves, but through various coaching strategies, dads can effectively manage their own battles with AD/HD, as well as parenting their attention-deficit child in a loving manner.

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School Check Up

March 21, 2017

If you have not done so lately, it is time to make another appointment with your child’s school to check up on your child’s progress.

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Nurturing Self-Esteem In Children

May 4, 2014

Better self-esteem in children leads to better self-growth.

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Classroom and Education Management

May 3, 2014

For those with ADHD, certain management techniques at home and at school are needed to cope with their individual learning processes.

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Teens, ADHD, and Risky Behavior

December 1, 2013

Advice on parenting reckless ADHD teens.

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Setting Target Goals for managing ADHD symptoms

July 24, 2012

Creating personalized goals is a great way to guide ADHD management and to successfully reach patients’ desired behaviors/outcomes. Although goals will change over time and can be adjusted, creating a plan and following a few specific tips can help individuals realize and sustain their goals.

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Discipline Counts

July 9, 2012

Most Students WANT Rules & Consistency.

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