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Helping Teens with ADHD Develop Friendships

March 21, 2017

Tips for helping your child with ADHD make new friends.

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The Stress on Parents of Raising a Teen with ADHD – Moms and Dads Differ

October 3, 2016

Learn how moms and dads differ when parenting teens with ADHD/ADD.

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Teens with ADHD Overestimate their Driving Skills

January 4, 2016

Learn how to help your ADHD teen learn to drive.

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Teens, ADHD, and Risky Behavior

December 1, 2013

Advice on parenting reckless ADHD teens.

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Teens and Privacy: Should I Spy on My Child?

October 25, 2011

Parents often feel the need to snoop into their teen’s private life; but, when is it appropriate and when is it not? Giving a child privacy as to what they hide in his or her room is a privilege for being trustworthy. However, if your child is partaking in an incriminating habit/behavior, it may be necessary to “spy” on him or her. There are effective ways to “spy” on your child, and there are proper ways to confront your child about what you, the parent, discovers.

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