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Classroom Accommodations and Strategies – Yamalis Diaz, PhD – Audio

April 15, 2015

Listen to the audio presentation, and read the accompanying slides to learn about classroom accommodations and strategies for your ADD/ADHD diagnosed child.

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ADHD and Sexuality (AUDIO) Sari Cooper, LCSW

December 24, 2014

In this audio presentation by: Sari Cooper, LCSW, you will learn how to: `Identify the most common sexual dysfunctions associated with having ADHD `Examine the misunderstandings and rifts between partners that are created through ADHD symptoms `Steps individuals can take to improve their sexual and romantic relationship What challenges does a partner with ADHD confront…

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Dr. Hallowell: ADD and Replenishing Energy and Focus-AUDIO

April 3, 2014

Dr. Hallowell audio presentation on ways to replenish energy and focus to complete tasks for those who have ADD/ADHD.

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ADD/ADHD and Mindfulness – Audio Presentation by Mark Bertin, M.D.

January 22, 2014

Dr. Mark Bertin Presents: “ADHD/ADD and Mindfulness.”

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Organizational Skills with Sandy Maynard, M.S.

December 3, 2013

Listen to Sandy Maynard lecture on organizational skills.

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How Our Understanding of ADHD is Changing – Dr. Thomas E. Brown Audio

September 30, 2013

Through an audio presentation, Dr. Brown shares new perspectives on ADHD.

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“Never” Be Late Again

May 7, 2013

Audio Presentation by Kathy Sussell: “Never” Be Late Again.

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Using Clinical Interventions to Treat Academic Problems in Children With ADHD

January 8, 2013

Audio presentation on Using Clinical Interventions to Treat Academic Problems in Children With ADHD, by Evan Flamenbaum.

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The ADHD Effect on Marriage by Melissa Orlov

November 6, 2012

Audio presentation by Melissa Orlov: ADHD couples pick exactly the wrong approaches to solving their marital problems that would make sense for most couples, but not when one or both partners has ADHD.

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Susan Lasky: Getting Things Done

September 11, 2012

Susan Lasky’s Audio Presentation on strategies for “Getting Things Done” for those with ADHD.

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