The ADHD Effect on Marriage by Melissa Orlov

Audio presentation by Melissa Orlov: ADHD couples pick exactly the wrong approaches to solving their marital problems that would make sense for most couples, but not when one or both partners has ADHD.

Development of Preventive Interventions for ADHD (Audio)

No longer science fiction: The development of preventive interventions for ADHD
Dr. Jeffrey Halperin, Ph.D. will:
Start with the notion that “Prevention is better than cure” (Desiderius Erasmus, 1466 – 1536) and will consider ways in which preventive interventions can be used to alter the all-too-common adverse course of ADHD over the lifetime.
Reframe current notions about ADHD into a developmental perspective that better reflects the changing nature of the disorder from the preschool years through adulthood.
Describe brain changes over time that parallel the diverse behavioral outcomes associated with ADHD.
Discuss why most current treatments for ADHD have only modest, if any, effects on long-term outcome.
Describe a novel early intervention/prevention program for children with ADHD that is based on the notion that environmental manipulations can impact brain growth and development, which, in turn, may have lasting effects on the severity of ADHD.