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Adult ADHD Diagnosis: What to Ask a New Doctor

August 3, 2017

“What you should know about ADHD symptoms and treatment before talking with your doctor about a diagnosis and treatment.”

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Overlapping Symptoms of ADHD and Other Psychiatric Disorders

March 21, 2017

Overlapping symptoms that can help you diagnose ADHD.

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Adding Better Mental Health Care to Primary Care

January 3, 2017

A new era of behavioral health integration December 30, 2016 What is Behavioral Health Integration? Many people visit a primary health care provider (such as a doctor, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant) to treat physical diseases and injuries. However, it is also common for patients to see a primary care provider because of behavioral health…

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ADHD Primer by CDC

May 4, 2014

CDC ADHD Primer to help you diagnose, treat and research ADHD.

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ADHD Checklist by the CDC

May 4, 2014

Signs and symptoms of ADHD.

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DSM-5 Criteria for ADHD

September 12, 2013

Screening Tests for ADHD: DSM-5 Criteria for ADHD

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The Role of Neuropsychological Assessment in the Evaluation and Treatment of ADHD

February 5, 2013

Audio presentation by Dr. Richard Gallagher on the pros and cons of Neuropsychological assessments for your ADHD student

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Learning disabilities and ADHD (Written for kids)

October 3, 2012

ADHD is not a learning disability, but it may affect how you learn. By becoming knowledgeable about your learning disability, you can learn to tackle it.

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ADHD Child/Adult Primer

October 1, 2012

What is ADHD? How can it be treated? How is ADHD diagnosed? These are just a few of the many basic questions asked and answered in this primer to help create a better understanding of the disorder for the diagnosed, and the parents of the diagnosed.

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High IQ Kids With ADHD – Thomas E. Brown, Ph.D.

September 30, 2012

A new study has shown that students with ADD can have very high IQs but have difficulty with their working memories and processing speeds.

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