Why does talking aloud help when you have ADHD and something is bothering you? 

Harold Robert Meyer/The ADD Resource Center addrc.org 10/29/2023

From Negative Self-Talk to Self-Coaching

Here are a few key reasons why talking aloud to oneself can be helpful when having ADHD and feeling bothered by something:

-It provides an outlet for emotions. Verbalizing feelings and frustrations can help let off steam rather than having those thoughts ruminating internally. 

-Hearing yourself say things aloud can help clarify thoughts, put them in order, and process them more objectively. 

-Talking through an issue can unravel complex feelings. 

-Speaking triggers the mind to keep extending its thought process and work through potential solutions. 

-It stimulates the brain’s executive functioning. 

-Talking aloud essentially engages in a dialogue with oneself. 

-The back-and-forth of perspectives can reveal new insights. 

-The voice serves as an external stimulus to focus the ADHD mind and prevent drifting off task.    

-It can center racing thoughts. 

-Talking through the steps of a task or project reinforces the instructions and helps maintain attention and motivation. 

-The voice provides a source of company for those with ADHD who may feel isolated. 

-It’s reassuring during emotional moments. 

So, in summary, talking aloud sparks both cognitive and emotional processing that is productive when grappling with something distressing. The act of verbalizing helps organize thoughts and emotions in a constructive manner.

Harold Robert Meyer/The ADD Resource Center addrc.org


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