Hearing The Same Thing Over And Over Again Causes You To Listen/Understand/ Less

Have you ever noticed that when you hear the same thing over and over again, it starts to lose its impact? This phenomenon is known as desensitization to repeated messages, and it can profoundly affect our ability to understand and listen effectively. It greatly impacts relationships, especially if one or both people have ADHD.

What is “Active Listening” and How Do You Practice It?

Active listening is a crucial skill that allows individuals to fully engage in conversations and understand the message being conveyed. It involves hearing the words spoken and paying attention to the speaker’s non-verbal cues, such as body language and tone of voice. When practicing active listening, individuals strive to comprehend the speaker’s perspective and convey empathy. Active listening goes beyond passively hearing; it requires concentration, mental presence, and an open mind.

Often, what someone with ADHD hears can seem like criticism to them, and instead of listening to understand, they are preparing for a defense.

How To Ask Your Boss For Help Without Being Perceived As Incompetent or Weak

The ability to ask for help at work can greatly contribute to your professional development. Many individuals hesitate to seek assistance because they fear being perceived as weak or incompetent. This article discusses the importance of asking for help, dispels common misconceptions, and provides strategies for effectively seeking assistance.

Let Your Body Language Do The Talking

Body language is a powerful form of communication that can influence how others perceive us and how we perceive ourselves. It is the nonverbal signals we send through our facial expressions, gestures, posture, and other physical movements. Our body language can convey confidence, authority, and approachability or communicate insecurity, disinterest, and lack of confidence. Disinterest, condescension, or disdain can be conveyed without your awareness. Harnessing body language’s power can significantly impact our personal and professional lives.

How to Disagree Without Drama

Disagreements are a natural part of life. Whether it’s in our personal relationships or professional endeavors, we are bound to encounter situations where we don’t see eye to eye with others. While it can be tempting to avoid disagreements altogether or resort to heated arguments, it is essential to learn how to disagree without drama.

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