Four Ways You Can Prevent Bullying and Cyberbullying 

  • Address Bullying at School: Educators can create a safe, supportive learning environment and a classroom culture of positivity, inclusiveness and respect. Schools can communicate bullying policies at their school to parents, students, teachers, and staff and follow through on them. Monitoring bullying ‘hot spots’ around the school can also help prevent bullying.
  • Talk About Bullying at Home: Parents and caregivers can talk with youth about their school and online life, and the roles children can play in bullying. Parents are the main role models for their children. They can teach positive behaviors when they model the behavior they expect from their children.
  • Support Your Community: Mentors can also model kindness, inclusivity, and respect. Like educators, mentors can provide positive reinforcement to youth to help protect them from bullying and other risky behaviors. They can also support all kids involved, and help ensure the bullying doesn’t continue.
  • Get Help: Youth who experience bullying can contact a trusted adult to discuss it and get support. If they’re being cyberbullied, they can take screenshots. They can also block the people who are bullying. They can also learn more about how bystanders are essential to bullying prevention.

Learning how to address best, prevent, and respond to bullying situations is key to keeping youth safe. When everyone plays their part, we can work together to stop bullying for good!

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