How to Interrupt Without Seeming Rude

Harold Robert Meyer  –

When you have ADHD, it is tough not to interrupt.

Before you interrupt:

1. Use a gentle interruption phrase:

– “Excuse me for interrupting, but…”

– “I apologize for breaking in, however…”

– “May I interject for a moment…”

2. Explain the reason for the interruption:

– “I need to stop you there to clarify something important.”

– “Let me interrupt so I can ensure I understand correctly.”

– “I want to pause you to ask a related question.”

3. Use open hand gestures or lean slightly forward to signal you need to speak.

4. If they are going on tangents, politely re-direct:

– “To bring us back to the main point…”

– “Getting back to the original question…”

5. Avoid talking over them or abruptly cutting them off without signaling first.

The key is to be respectful, explain why you must interrupt, and allow them to finish their thoughts before re-directing the conversation. Setting expectations that you may need to pause them at times can also help make interruptions feel less jarring.

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