Silence Can Be More Powerful Than Words.

There are many situations where it will be better to remain silent rather than speak. 

Here are some reasons why:

Avoiding unnecessary conflicts: Sometimes, speaking up can lead to

arguments or conflicts that could have been avoided if you had 

remained silent. In such situations, choose your battles wisely 

and avoid unnecessary confrontations.

Preventing hurtful comments: Silence can also be a way to prevent

yourself from saying something hurtful or offensive to others.

Sometimes, it’s best to think before you speak and ensure that your

words are constructive and positive.

Listening and learning: Remaining silent can also be a way to listen

and learn from others. By actively listening and taking in what others

have to say, you may gain a deeper understanding of a situation or

person. Listen to absorb, not to respond.

Maintaining confidentiality: In some situations, it may be better to

remain silent to maintain confidentiality or privacy. This is

particularly important in professional settings, where sensitive

information needs to be protected.

Honoring someone’s grief or pain: There are times when someone may be

experiencing grief or pain, and silence can be a way to honor their

emotions and allow them to express themselves without interruption.

Remember that remaining silent – listening and absorbing is extremely 

difficult for many with ADHD. Avoid the “need” for conflict and the craving

for stimulation and excitement. It is possible to develop better listening

skills and self-control.

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